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What is the default Linksys Gateway?

The default gateway for all the Linksys router is the IP address of the devices that are connected to the WIFI network of the router. The default gateway for most of the Linksys router is, or These IP addresses can be entered as the URL in the search bar of any of the latest and compatible web browser. It helps to open the settings and configuration page of all Linksys router. Moreover Linksyssmartwifi.net can also be used as the default setting gateway of the router. Both can be used as the URL in the address bar of the browser. If you forget or don’t know the default gateway of your router, then in such an exceptional case you can find the default gateway IP address of any of the Linksys devices in the “Window Network Setting” from the menu of the login page.

How can we back up the Linksys Router Settings?

After getting the default settings of your Linksys router with the customer preferences, it is important to make a backup, so that it can be restored in the future, in case you lost the settings or by some error your router has to make default factory reset.
To take a backup of your Linksys smart WIFI router, you should open the settings of your router, and then go to its ADMINISTRATION section. Here from the administration, you would have to select the option of MANAGEMENT, and then you can go to the “Backup & Configuration” section. A file will be generated here, by tapping on to “Backup & Configuration”, and this file should be uploaded by selecting the option “Restore Configuration” on the same page of the settings.

How can we Reset the Linksys smart WIFI password?

  1. Turn on the router by plugging the power cable from the power chord of the router to the power outlet of your house, then press the power ON/OFF button also. 
  2. There will be a red or black coloured Reset button on the back of your Linksys router that you have to press by using a paper pin or a nail. 
  3. Press the button for 30 seconds and then leave it for 30 seconds. Then remove the power cable from the back of your router, and then plug it back to power on.
  4. Wait for 4 to 5 minutes and let the router to get powered on completely. 
  5. Hook the Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the computer to the WAN of the router. 
  6. Open the web browser and enter the default IP gateway or the web-based utility address in the address bar of the browser. (Use or, or Linksyssmartwifi.net at the utility field)
  7. On the next page and in the next window, you have to enter the user ID along with the user password of your router that is ADMIN in both the case.
  8. After that, on the next page you can all the options to change your router’s default password to something very unique, strong, and none guessable.

Why my Linksys Default password and username is not working?

ADMIN is the username and PASSWORD is the password or ADMIN can be the username and the password of your Linksys router, depending on the model of the router. Most of the latest or previous routers of Linksys smart WIFI router uses the same gateway to enter the admin panel of the router. It will work in all the cases except you haven’t changed it to something different. In case you have changed these defaults, credentials and have customised the router, then these credentials will not work. If you have forgotten the customised credentials (Username, password, and IP address) then the only solution is to reset your router to factory default settings. Then you can use the default username and password.