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Getting a swift and lag-free WIFI signals everywhere in your home is quite challenging. A small home with a singlelinksys smart wifi WIFI wireless router can get a decent WIFI coverage but will fail to reach certain areas of your home, or some of the areas may get very low or slow speed of internet connection. The aim of Linksys MX10 Mesh with the WIFI-6 router is to solve such kind of problems of the people. Using this unique MESH networking technology, you can connect multiple Velop nodes throughout the entire home. It eliminates all types of dead zones from your home and offices as well.The Linksys MX10 Mesh with WIFI-6 router Its bandwidth can support 50 + wireless clients and still can give WIFI coverage up to large areas of 6000 square feet. It also provides an ultra-fast reliable WIFI coverage for streaming of HD videos, games, download, upload, and much more. With this VELOP of WIFI-6 supporting you can have speed up to 5.3 Gbps. If you wish to replace your existing router, then you need to connect this Linksys MX10 Mesh with the WIFI-6 router with the existing modem of your home. If you are worried about the security issues of this router, then you should leave your entire worries over here, as this router is protected by a 3-years warranty. Let’s move towards the setup and installation of this amazing and trending router.

Setup the Primary Velop NODE of Linksys MX10 Wireless Router

Step (1)

Go to the apple app store or the google play store, and download and install the “Linksys App” in your current working PC, laptop, mobile, or Macintosh. After getting over with the downloading process, click the icon to install the app. If you don’t know how to download the Linksys App, then contact to linksyssmartwifi.com

Step (2)

If you have installed the “Linksys App” successfully, then you need to launch the app, scroll down with your cursor, and click on to Launch Setup. Linksys will ask for the location data to function and will pertain to get your permission. Thereafter you have to give permission to allow the app to go on to the next step. Permit it by clicking to ALLOW.

Step (3)Linksys-MX10-Wireless-Router

The next page will show you the terms and conditions to agree with. Read the entire page of terms and conditions, and if you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, then click AGREE to go NEXT. Now, you will be asked about the type of routers that you are using or about to set up. Go to the list and select “Linksys Velop MX10 WIFI 6 router” or you can select any of the following options.


  1. “I use the modem from my ISP and I am replacing my router with the Linksys Velop”
  2. “I have a gateway from my ISP (With modem and a router together).


Step (4)

Then plugin the Linksys Velop MX10’s first NODE that you want to set as the primary NODE, and then select “Its Plugged In”. Now using an Ethernet cable, connect the new Linksys Velop MX10 to your modem, then select the option “It is Connected”, and go next. Now your smartphone will talk to your new router, and then will begin to set the new internet connection for you.

Step (5)

There will be an LED light on your Linksys Velop MX10 node, that will turn purple at the time of getting ready to use. Go ahead by selecting the NEXT once it would be changed. Then it will ask to create an account to get the support services and future notifications.

Step (6)

Enter your personal email address with the password to manage your VELOP MX10 network. Then you can select the option to create an account. Again, enter the email address and the password that you have just created to log into the Linksys account. Then go NEXT. At this page, you are required to enter the name and the password for your WIFI network.

Step (7)

These details can easily get from the body of your Linksys Velop MX10 router. Look carefully on the printed label of the router.  It is better to change the default details just after setup and configuration for the first time. Select a unique name and the password for your new and primary NODE of the Velop MESH router. Then you can click NEXT.

Now your First VELOP NODE has been set up and is ready to use. Select next to know about the next procedure or click Linksyssmartwifi.com to know about further issues during setups.

Adding secondary NODE with MX10 WIFI-6 Router

If you will add this secondary NODE that you have got with your product. It will also help to broadcast the WIFI connection of your home. As you have already set the primary NODE, you can simply set up the secondary NODE with it anytime. You can either do it from the same Linksys App for PC or Linksys App for Mac. “Install Linksys App” and get the second NODE added to your primary NODE. For this you have to go to the “Linksys App”, select MENU form the top left corner on your custom device and walk through the following steps.

  • When you are on the DASHBOARD of the App, you are to go and select “Set up a New Product” and select the option “Add Nodes” to select and add the secondary Node with the first Node. Now, you are to place and set the Node in an open area, and then you can select “It is In the Open”.
  • Now your smartphone will play here the most important role by talking to your new router, then it will automatically start your internet connection for you. You will see a screen telling you that “Your New Node is waking up”. Make sure that your previous and the secondary Nodes have been plugged in with your phone.
  • Do not take your phone away from the Nodes, leave it near the Nodes that are under process of setting up. This process can take up to 5 to 10 minutes. Wait calmly, and do not disturb the process else you can lose the entire setup.
  • An LED light will blink on your Linksys Velop MX10 router, and soon it will turn in purple colour. Select thehttps://linksysl.com/ NEXT option to jump on to the next process. Moreover, Blinking purple specify clearly that your system is ready to use.
  • now again you have to select a different name for this secondary node other than the primary Node. You can even select anyone from the drop-down list. There will be a long list of names for your Velops. As the secondary node will be set up and will be ready to use, you will get a screen with the heading ” success! You have set up a Node.
  • A solid blue LED light can be seen on both the nodes, which means they have setup completely and are online for functioning with the linksyssmartwifi.com with the entire wired or wireless devices in your home.

How to check the WIFI name and the password?

As you have done with the setup process of your Linksys smart WIFI router using the Linksys app for pc, or the Linksys app for Mac, or the smart setup wizard www.linksyssmartwifi.com, then the WIFI name and the password of your wireless network will be generated automatically. This will enable the users to identify the network easily. there are two most prevailing method by which you can get to know about the WIFI name and the password of your Linksys Velop Mesh router, or the Linksys smart WIFI router.

  1. Via Linksys Connect
  2. Via the web-based Setup

here we are going to explain both of the methods for your convenience. Follow the entire step very carefully else you won’t be able to get the password and the WIFI name of your router.https://linksysl.com/

Via Linksys Connect

  1. First of all, launch the “Linksys Connect Service” from your computer, Mac, or mobile device, that you might have used to set up and configure your Linksys Velop WIFI-6 router.
  2. If you don’t know to launch the app, then you have to go to the START function of your Window Computer, and then visit to the function named “All Programs”, and from here you will go to the next function that is ” Linksys Connect”.
  3. If you are the user of the Macintosh, then you will go to the function called “Applications” in GO, on your Mac computer to launch the “Linksys Connect”.
  4. As you see the main screen of the “Linksys Connect”, then immediately select the “Router Settings”, and the router name and the password can be found just under the function of “Personalize.
  5. For your information, it is important to tell you that the name and the password of your Linksys smart Velop router are also called the wireless settings of your router. These settings will be used during the settings and configuration of other additional devices and the clients with your router’s WIFI network.
  6. Connecting additional computers with the network of your main router’s WIFI is quite different from connecting the computer or the wireless devices with the “Guest Network”.
  7. In a Guest Mode, you just assign a separate network to the visitors and the outsiders in your home, so that they won’t access your personalized network and activities. Whereas in the main network, all the wired or the wireless devices will be using the same network name and the IP address.
  8. Now when you have set up the router’s name and the password, then you can connect your wireless gadgets and the computers with your WIFI network. You can even connect a few of the wired devices with the same network.

Via a web-based Linksys smart Setup

  • As it is specified by its name that you have to use a smart and web-based setup wizard. So, without delay, unlock a web browser form the existing computer or the laptop. If you don’t have a browser, then you can download it form any of the recommended play store as per the software of your device.
  • After unlocking the internet browser just introduce the default IP address of your Linksys smart WIFI router that is “http192.168.1.1” then hit the ENTER tab. If it is not giving any result, then you can enter the default gateway “http://myrouter.local” or enter “Linksyssmartwifi.net” at the same search bar of the same router.
  • now at the page where it has written “Connect to” you will see two horizontal bars, one which is made to enter the default user name, and the other one is made to enter the default password. This is the web-based setup page, enter the two login details at the appropriate fields, and go NEXT.
  • the next screen, click “OK” when you see a warning Prompt that will warn you to use an advanced Utility to modify the settings of your router that could disable your WIFI network. On this setup page, click “Wireless” then move next.
  • If you see that your configuration view is set to “WIFI Protected Setup”, then you can easily see the network name, and the password on this same page. But if the configuration view has been set to Manual, then you will get the screen in which you can see the following modes;
  1. Network Mode: Mixed
  2. Network Name (SSID): My WIFI
  3. Channel Width: 20MHz only
  4. Channel: Auto
  5. SSID Broadcast: o Enabled   o Disabled
  • You have to click on to the “Wireless Security” To view the “Wireless Network Security Settings”. Always take a detailed note of your Security Mode and the Passphrase. For example, the Security Model will be used as WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode.
  • Now you have got the password and the SSID of your Linksys WIFI network, and it is ready to connect your entire wireless devices with the WIFI network of your Linksyssmartwifi.net